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What We Do

What We Do – Overview

Dog Boarding & Dog Daycare

Pickup & Delivery 

What We Do – Details

Dog Boarding & Dog Daycare (Details)

Small Operation- We are Hands On!
16 Dogs Max for Boarding & Daycare
We Live On-Site
Off-Leash, Supervised Play
1.38 FENCED Acres to Play and Explore
Large Indoor Climate Controlled Room for Play & Rest
No Crating of Dogs Required
Dog Friendly, Well-Tested Dogs Only
Safe Environment vs. A Dog Park

Pickup & Delivery

We can Pickup and Deliver your Dog to Your Door

Dog Socialization & Dog Play

Allow your Dog to gain Socialization Skills in a Safe Environment with Well-Tested, Dog-Friendly Dogs and Experienced Humans

We are OFFLEASH All The Time

A GREAT Alternative to Traditional Doggie Daycare & Dog Boarding

What is Great About Us:

11+ Years Experience Caring for Family Dogs

Outdoor & Indoor Supervised Play

Cozy Indoor Room

Pickup & Delivery if Needed

What We Do

Dog Boarding & Dog Daycare

Our Daycare and Nightcare is unique from the word “go play”. It starts with your dog being pickup at your door (to certain areas or you may drop off by appointment) and being transported with or dopped of to play with other furry friends in the hill country between Camp Verde, TX and Center Point, TX. Upon arrival, the dogs are taken on an off-leash walk on 1.38 fenced acres with other dog-friendly, trustworthy dogs. The dogs sniff and run with friends they know and meet new ones. After our walk, the dogs can continue to explore and play on our acreage, play chase games with new and old friends on the spacious covered sail shade areas, or relax inside a 360 square foot climate controlled doggie room.

Your dog’s entire experience is off-leash with other dogs all day (we of course don’t let them play ALL DAY – that would be exhausting – there is time for rest and relaxation as well). After a fun-filled day of daycare or staying overnight, the dogs are transported back to you (or you can pickup), tired from a great day of exercise, the great outdoors and play time with other dogs and people.

Over-nighters sleep inside our 360 square foot climate controlled room with other dogs and have a choice of sleeping in crates with beds (dogs are created at owner’s request) or sleeping on large dogs beds. We make sure it’s all quiet during the night so that dogs get the much-needed rest they need and do not bark all night (most are pretty tired anyway!). Each morning, everyone goes for a walk before feeding. We limit the # of dogs that stay or play so that everyone is comfortable.

Over-nighters go home tired, but it is not because they are in kennel runs with dogs barking at each other all day and all night. They go home tired because they had a rare opportunity to play with other dogs and have large outdoor areas to explore with the indoors to relax in. Over-nighters think this is the next best place than their own home and get to enjoy the beautiful scenery with our family.

We post our pictures on FACEBOOK under Hill Country K9 Club (www.facebook.com/hillcountryk9club)– check them out – they are way too funny and will always make you smile.

Text Julie at 512-789-0697 or email info@hck9club.com for more information.

K9 Club History

Hill Country K9 Club began operation in the Hill country in June 2018, but we are not new to dog boarding and daycare for your puppies. We have almost 10 years experience caring for family’s beloved doggies. In 2018, we moved our business (Spicewood K9 Club which opened in January 2009) from Spicewood to Center Point, TX and renamed it “Hill Country K9 Club”. We love this area and are happy we relocated to a beautiful place where life is a lot slower.

Our location is on 1.38 acres at our home located between Center Point and Camp Verde, TX. We provide our canine customers with an OFFLEASH Daycare and Boarding experience like no other We designed our Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding experience for F-U-N. Hating the traditional, lonely, stressful kennel, we made our motto “Let Your Dog Live Off-Leash” and that’s exactly what our canine friends do here everyday. We are hands-on with your dog – we are a small operation and the person handling your dog’s comfort and stay here is very is experience because they’ve been working here a long time (hint, hint – it’s usually me!). Bourree’ and Willow and my beloved dogs – hound dog and beagle, 6 and 12 years old, they are part of our everyday pack.

Why We Do It

I found it very hard to find a place where I would leave my beloved dog for an overnight stay or daycare. I am picky and I know you are too. I wanted my dog to be safe and have fun and not be bored or stressed out. We are blessed to provide a place where we take pride in what we offer to your doggie. Exercise and socialization are key to developing a dog that is wonderful to be around. Without socialization, dogs worlds become small and they cannot go places with their families or have fun with other dogs – that is a huge limitation for a dog and it limits where humans can take their dogs and how integrated in their lives their dogs can become. If your dog only hangs out with humans, they are forced to exist with “aliens” that do not speak their language or act like them. Guess what – you’re not a dog no matter how hard you try! The result is insecurity and fear. Without exercise, dogs become unhealthy, obsessive, destructive, overweight, bored and depressed. Being outside with other dogs and humans lifts a dogs spirits – it is just plain good form and exactly where they belong. Consider this unique OFF-LEASH experience for your dog – we will improve his/her socialization skills – we do it everyday!

11+ Years Experience

Outdoor & Indoor Play

Cozy Indoor Room

Pickup & Delivery


Our Services

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of pet care and veterinary services.

Dog Boarding

Dog Daycare

Pickup and Delivery


Our Pricing

We are new to this market! If the pricing does not meet your needs, we will work with you. Please call!

$ 25 to 40 /Day

Dog Boarding

$ 20 to 30 /Day

Dog Daycare


What Our Customers Say About us!

We love our doggie parents to speak for themselves and their pups!

We Like Dogs More Than People

Our Doggie Team

Our team is small because we keep the number of dogs who stay and play small. It's more fun for everyone that way. We live and play with the dogs on site.


Photo Gallery

We have an awesome pack of trustworthy dog-friendly dogs for your dogs to stay with - most of our dogs have been coming since they were puppies and they know each other. They will welcome your dog and teach your dog how to hang with the K9 Club.

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